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Telling a story through images, this is the purpose of the shots contained in this section. A photograph that knows no time, but that has accompanied Antonio’s professional growth over the years. Creativity and constant search for new ideas led him to experiment with new forms of artistic expression. Rejecting fixed and static images, Antonio mixes contrasts of light, shadows and materials that sometimes deform the bodies, in search of new forms, perhaps unreal and abstract, with the intention of focusing the observer’s attention on certain details and characteristic of the subject, but which are part of that everyday simplicity that is very often invisible to the eye.

A collection of images taken during fairs and exhibitions around Milan. Antonio presents his photography in a different way. Glimpses, colors, lights, shadows, details, ravines, lines, angles and writings immortalized with energy, movement and beauty. A type of photography that goes beyond the profession.

A personal research work in which Antonio intends to communicate his idea of dynamism. A sort of apparent movement in contrast with the static nature of the human body which – from shot to shot – assumes a different posture and tension with the aim of capturing and transforming the perception of the image and of the physicality.

Born after the 2020 lockdown period, “The Waiting” is an experimental research project that affirms Antonio’s desire not to be able to surrender in the face of the immutability of time and an “oppressive container” space of everyday life.

Particularly interested in exploring the shape of the body and its organic forms of abstraction – in this project of almost surrealist inspiration – Antonio studies its complexity in all its facets, focusing on the way in which it can take on new and even ambiguous forms and meanings.

A photographic reportage of Madagascar through the eyes of Antonio Schiavano: underexposed images and the use of flash also for daytime shots, managed to isolate and enhance his subjects. The reportage was published on PhotoVogue , the photographic platform by the editorial staff of Vogue Italia.

An introspective project that rejects the Africa of commonplaces and prejudices, but which instead proposes an intercultural dialogue between hopes, fears, happiness, courage and fragments of the raw and true everyday life of children and adolescents residing between Kenya and Madagascar.

After more than 40 years, Antonio shares his first photographic portfolio: Amarcord is a project approached as a personal bet, but which for its freshness and the ability to communicate in a completely innovative way has led him to arouse interest and astonishment of photo industry experts – such as Alberto Nodolini, Condé Nast art director – and that after only two months saw him working on his first photo shoot.

A research work on glamor underwear photography, based on the Polaroid Transfer technique in which Antonio managed to give the model Barbara Borghesi an almost ethereal and immutable aura. The shots were exhibited at the ” Salon International de La Lingerie & Interfilière ” in Paris.

Photographic storytelling project for the Santa Margherita Wines company which through 6 brush-printed images tells the story of “Pinot Grigio”: from the grape harvest to the production process that leads to the creation of the wine.