Conceptual Photography – Antonio Schiavano

“Languishing” is an invitation to strip away insecurities to immerse oneself in the richness of existence. This project, born in the two long years during Covid aims to seek rebirth within ourselves through the technique of double exposure. The key element, it compares several distinct states of mind of the same subject, is like peering inside ourselves, trying to get a sharper view of who we are and the world around us. Through the fusion of multiple emotions captured in a single shot, the project offers a unique perspective: rediscovering oneself, releasing feelings ready to emerge. An opportunity to break down the barriers of the soul, to embrace change and find new vitality. The project aims to convey the power and desire to release dormant emotions and surrender to the authentic essence of oneself, relying on one’s more mature “self,” the one projected into the future and who has already returned to pre-pandemic normalcy.

(“Languishing” – term coined by psychologist Adam Grant)